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INDICI ATTI 1791-1904

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The Georgofili Academy

Expo 2015 Edition

The Georgofili Academy, founded at the height of the Enlightenment in 1753, was organized by the intellectuals of the time and put forward to Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine who gave it his wholehearted support. The aim was to address the issues of a new society that was being drawn up and that a few decades later, following the American and French revolutions, gave rise to modern civilization.
At the beginning of the third millennium, the world has changed profoundly because of globalization, new technologies, and an economic system that seems ever more in crisis. The millenary history of agriculture and of the rural world of Italy’s regions has brought about an incredible wealth of traditions and customs, not to mention agricultural and food products. To meet the challenge of globalization, the Georgofili intend to preserve and promote, in a modern perspective, those resources that represent the identity of the various communities throughout the country.
The economic model that led to industrialization, the change in the relationship between town and country, and such environmental problems as global climate changes, must probably be revised today to correct the negative aspects while maintaining the positive ones that have undoubtedly been achieved in the last two centuries.
In this context, agriculture is assuming a new importance today, while governments and the public – almost entirely urbanized – paid little attention to it during the last century due to the profound economic and social changes. In fact, we have realized that humankind’s survival on the planet is tied to using resources in an enduring and sustainable way.
Agriculture is the only activity that uses natural processes in a renewable way. This is true not only as regards the production of food – a strategic issue in a world whose population has more than doubled in fifty years – but also for the production of raw materials that can replace synthetic or hydrocarbon-based products.
Today, as when it was founded, the Academy is tackling, through its member network and research and study initiatives, those issues that will most likely become the foundations of a new civilization.

Giampiero Maracchi




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